About Me 🙂

Hi, I’m Aditi

I am an Architect, Interior Designer, Artist & an Art Educator. That’s a lot of hats to wear. “For years” after my graduation, I was struggling to find my niche but I just couldn’t separate my passion for art from my passion for designing highly inspiring & positive spaces as space & art have such a vital connection.
Coming from a family of Architects & Designers, art & creativity has always been my interest. I help people to transform their lives through expressive art & design spaces that are functional, aesthetical & radiate a sense of positivity to the eye & soul.

I aim to exceed expectations in all of my projects: from photoshoots, interior designing, architectural work, working with real estate agents, coaching, art workshops, working over the internet with far flung clients. I listen, I innovate, and use my expertise to deliver a result which is distinct and a source of pride.